Call for Submission of Communications


We accept abstracts for communications and proposals for the organisation of focussed workshop(s) related to four thematic areas:

MSP & maritime sectors:

In this session we would like to provide venue for presenting maritime spatial planning experiences, issues and best practices;  to learn from past experiences and to assess  the expectations of different maritime sectors, from  different  points of view. The presentations can include: Marine/maritime spatial planning examples (local, national and regional level), ICZM & MSP stakeholder’s integration, Maritime sector needs, opportunities, claims and competition: aquaculture, wind farms, oil/gas sector, fisheries, tourism, transport… Working with stakeholders communities, Legal issues, permissions & concessions; Coastal and maritime planning integration; Integrated Maritime Policy - Blue Growth, Ocean Governance & implementation

Marine strategies and environmental planning

This session is dedicated to the marine environmental management, including the programmes of marine monitoring, environmental measures, environmental/ecological status of marine/coastal waters, and implementation of environmental legislation that applies on the sea. We have a special interest in the Marine Protected Areas management, as in the Environmental Impact Assessment methods & examples.

Biodiversity conservation and Blue Growth

In this session we would like to know more on ocean/sea biodiversity, issues related to the economic development, experiences and success stories in conservation management. We have a special interest in the island's biodiversity management and experiences from Europe’s overseas territories and outermost regions.

Marine/Maritime Information Systems

Data availability is a crucial component in the MSP process, environmental management, impact assessment and conservation/protected area management. This session is dedicated to all global and European data initiatives (Copernicus, EMODnet, INSPIRE…) that manage marine and maritime data. We have an interest in the technology development, standards used and successful experiences in data management.

In all the four thematic areas, we also encourage proposals for focused thematic workshop(s)

Special Proceedings

Ocean & Coastal Management/ OCMA is pleased to announce a Special Issue (SI) on outcomes of the MaPSIS conference. Authors of accepted abstract will be invited to submit an original research papers online. The manuscripts will undergo usual OCMA peer-review process before acceptance. If there are sufficient submissions, a special issue will be published by end of 2017 (in a case that there are no enough papers for the SI, accepted manuscripts will be published in the “Theme Section” of standard issue. Additionally, the accepted papers will be made available online with citation information as soon as they are accepted.





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