EcoAqua represents a substantial involvement from the EU for aquaculture development associated to the management of marine coastal areas that would enable future government-industry-university partnerships improving marine spatial planning. EcoAqua project is led by the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) and aims at fostering research excellence in Sustainable Aquaculture under a Ecosystem Approach by strengthening the S&T research potential and capacities of the ULPGC, underpinning a better integration into the ERA.

Through the EcoAqua project, the ULPGC will push up the boundaries of its existant research lines, have an enhanced research capacities on aquaculture and its environmental interactions, through its University Research Institute in Sustainable Aquaculture and Marine Conservation, as well as play an active role in the development of the European Blue Economy, contributing to the Outermost Regional Sustainable Development.

The EcoAqua project will look forward to:

  • Establish new research studies focusing on a better integration of Aquaculture and the Environment (Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture, Marine Spatial Planning, Alternative Ingredients & Feeds or other emerging issues).


  • Provide an enhanced training environment for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows leading to a trained workforce for the development of an innovative, environmentally conscious, aquaculture industry integrating an ecosystem based approach in its common practices.

  • Set up a Sustainable Aquaculture Technological Platform and an Aquaculture Cluster that will promote knowledge transfer in marine areas, strategic for economic development of the Canary Islands and coastal areas of the ORs and other territories of Europe.

  • Enhance the ULPGC's porfolio and services offer and enhance its chances to integrate into the ERA and at international level.

  • Create a network of concerned partners inside the ERA (including the Outermost Regions, ORs) as well as other academic or International partners to consolidate research excellence in sustainable development of the aquaculture sector in European waters.