Ecosystem Approach

Ecosystemic Approach

A substantial part of the research and innovation strategies of the ULPGC generates scientific and technical knowledge orientated toward the development of a responsible and sustainable use of natural resources in coastal areas, with emphasis on aquaculture and marine conservation and more recently on marine spatial planning. The application of an ecosystem approach will enhance, among others, the conservation strategies for marine species and habitats inside Natura 2000 Network, support the sustainability of artisanal fisheries and promote the further development of marine aquaculture industry together with a sustainable management of the marine environment.

This sought a balance between harnessing the significant economic and social benefits that the sea can provide whilst ensuring that a good environmental quality and integrity within Europe's marine environment is maintained. Such development is linked to the development of a greater integration between fragmented sectorial policies and frameworks of action that operate at a variety of different scales, from local to regional, national and transnational within EU space, regional seas and with countries beyond the EU and globally.

As a consequence, the EcoAqua project aims to enhance the excellence in the sustainable use of the coastal zone and aquaculture development by improving its performance in competitive research fields and participate to an ecosystem based approach for the management of the marine environment. Through its development EcoAqua could partially answer a global growing call for an integrated approach to marine or maritime spatial planning (MSP) throughout the territories of the EU.

Ecosystem approach to fisheries and aquaculture: Implementing the FAO Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries.