Excellence and regional innovation

Common innovation policy toolsCommon innovation policy tools.

'Europe 2020' the EUs economic growth strategy advocates smart, sustainable and inclusive growth as the key direction of growth together with increased development of research and innovation activities. Such actions require co-ordination and integration between regional development and national policies.

As a way to contribute to a smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, within the marine sector and at a regional scale, the EcoAqua project proposes to take into account the common innovation policy tools:

The EcoAqua project aims to enhance the excellence in the sustainable use of the coastal zone and aquaculture development of the Universidad de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) by improving its performance in competitive research fields and participate to an ecosystem based approach for the management of the marine environment. Reaching research excellence through the EcoAqua project will be made possible through two principal ways:

  1. by improving, maintaining and keeping up to date the first class infrastructure existing within the Marine Center of the ULPGC
  2. by consolidating the ULPGC work force.


The different tasks to be performed will foster the scientific and technological capacities of the different research units of the Marine Centre and allow them to confront new S&T demands of active stakeholders: SME, governmental offices and social groups.

The integration of specialised research scientists into the ULPGC's personnel will enable to reach excellence through activities developed by a consolidated team bringing together outstanding collaboration of researchers.

Moreover, the EcoAqua project will enable the attraction of visiting scientists, further fostering the exchange of scientific information and facilitating the development of networks at the regional, national and international level.

The reinforcement of the research in the Outermost Regions (ORs) and ORs participation in European networks, through an integration within the ERA is a key to achieve smart growth in such territories and ensure sustainable development in these isolated areas. Therefore by promoting the S&T capacity building of the ULPGC, EcoAqua participates to increase the critical mass in research in order to participate to the European economic growth through the application of SMART objectives within Horizon 2020 and nurture scientific excellence in the ORs, as well as support practical and technological innovation.


EU Outermost Regions and Overseas Countries and Territories (or Europe overseas for short) range from small islands to large stretches of land and are located across all major regions of the globe from tropical to polar latitudes.

These territories cover an area of 4.4 million km2, equivalent in size to continental Europe, and have a combined Exclusive Economic Zone of over 15 million km2, the largest in the world.