To reach the objectives, EcoAqua will carry out a set of activities organised in 6 interrelated workpackages:


  • Improving the S&T Equipment and optimizing its use

This WP will pursue the improvement of the Scientific and Technological Equipment of the marine installations of the ULPGC though the upgrade of the equipment and the support of he existing services in order to optimize their use. Through the improvement of its marine S&T infrastructure, the ULPGC will enhance its services offer and enhance its chances to integrate into the ERA and at international level.

  • Knowledge and training

Through this WP the institution expect to increase the exchange and diffusion of the scientific and technical knowledge, gained by the addition of the ERAChair and its staff (WP2), at the University, regional and European level. The access to the improved S&T equipment during training will foster the development of innovating training techniques. This WP will enable an increased connection between the University and other European entities, in order to expand its integration within the ERA, and will also strengthen the relationship of the ULPGC with stakeholders (industry, local SME and other relevant private/public actors) to underpin the increase of know how exchange necessary for a sustainable use and conservation of the ecosystems in the Outermost Regions.

  • Academia, government, private sector and civil society platform

In order to further develop the competitive marine research of the ULPGC to foster its leadership in the development of sustainable aquaculture in the outermost regions of the EU this WP will be essential. The expected spill-over effects of the integration of the ERAChair and its team (WP2) into the ULPGC's structure are the creation of a central aquaculture platform and an aquaculture cluster within the ULPGC, that will promote knowledge transfer in marine areas, strategic for economic development of the Canary Islands and other coastal areas such Outermost and Peripheral Regions of Europe through; technical and applied research, product and service development, technology transfer to the private sector and innovation through smart specialisation. This entity is also expected to generate a 'pull' effect of research on the marine campus to enhance the institutional and educational capacities (WP4) of the ULPGC and assist in its internationalization in marine science. Moreover though its communication and visibility enhancement actions (WP6) the quaculture cluster will set a common strategy, together with the stakeholders involved, for the sustainable development of aquaculture in ORs and OCTs in accordance with the orientations of Europe 2020 that will enable the future development of projects using the different existing financial instruments.



  • Enhancing visibility: Scientific Workshops and Conferences, dissemination and promotional activities

This WP will ensure public access to environmental data and activities in the coastal areas of the Canary Islands as well as a maximum visibility of the ULPGC research excellence via effective communication, exchange and dissemination activities throughout the whole project. It will enable to exchange know how, to raise general awareness and inform stakeholders, scientific communities and the civil society about the project's outputs. This WP will cut across all activities of the project constantly exploring synergies with other WPs. The use of online tools and Web portals will be the principal communication and outreach tools employed.