Members of the Aquaculture Research Group (GIA) IU-EcoAqua participated in Europe Aquaculture 2016 from 20-23 September. This event, organized by the European Aquaculture Society (EAS), was held in Edinburgh, Scotland, under the slogan "Food for Thought". Aquaculture Europe obtained a total of 1,700 registers this year, exceeding the number of participants of the last event in 2014, held in San Sebastian, Spain.

The congress, whose aim was to present the latest scientific developments related to the aquaculture industry, had the collaboration of speakers from 65 countries. Companies, research centers and institutions get toghether in this meeting to further develop the concept of sustainable aquaculture and determine future goals for the sector.

GIA researchers participated in this meeting with 6 oral presentations and 8 posters, mainly presenting results related to European projects in which EcoAqua involved, such as Diversify or Arraina. Members of IU-EcoAqua who participated in Europe Aquaculture 2016 were: Prof. Dr. Sachi Kaushik ERA, Professor Carmen Maria Hernandez-Cruz (poster), David Dominguez Montesdeoca (oral presentation), Fernando Rivero Ramirez (oral presentation), Sara Ramirez (oral presentation), Ignacio Jimenez (oral presentation), Miguel Angel Ruiz (oral presentation), Davinia Negrin (oral presentation), Giuseppe Denti (oral presentation) and Alvaro Fernandez (poster).

Participants saying "cheese" for the pictureSara Ramirez during her presentation