Get to know a little bit about algae culture with Dr Thierry Chopin and Dr. Ik Kyo Chung

This year our summer school was all about algae culture and the techniques you need to master to do it successfully. The course was held once again in Las Palmas, from the 13- 17th of June 2016, in the Parque Científico Tecnológico Marino de Taliarte and had the participation of experts from all around the world. To allow everyone to have a sneak peak of this years course, we prepared an interview with Dr Thierry Chopin (specialist in IMTA) and Dr Ik Kyo Chung (specialist in Marine biology and Phycology). We hope you enjoy and that next year you will join us in the seek for a better future.

Interview with Dr Thierry Chopin                                                                           Interview with Dr Ik Kyo Chung