About us

Organizational chart of ECOAQUA

Executive commission

Marisol Izquierdo Sadasivam Kaushik Ricardo Haroun Tabraue May Gómez Cabrera Inmaculada González Cabrera
Director ERA Chair Vice principal Head of services Secretary

Research groups

The organization and management of the research activity is configured around four research groups:

Research group Coordinator
Aquaculture Research Group (GIA) Juan Manuel Afonso López
Group of Biodiversity and Conservation (BIOCON) Ricardo Haroun Tabraue
Group of Ecophysiology of Marine Organisms (EOMAR) May Gómez Cabrera
Group of Tourism, Territorial Planning and Environment (TOTMA) Inmaculada González Cabrera

The growth in human and material resources as well as productivity, gives the Institute the necessary maturity to face greater research challenges and optimize its performance.

The synergies between the research groups give the IU-ECOAQUA a more interdisciplinary vision, allowing to solve the different problems posed by the long-term strategy of supporting the sustainable growth of the marine and maritime sectors (Blue Growth), which recognizes the importance of the seas and oceans as engines of the European economy due to its great potential for innovation and growth.

The FAO blue growth initiative contributes to a wide variety of Sustainable Development Goals and gives priority to striking a balance between the environmental, social and economic sustainability aspects of the use of the living aquatic resources.

Thus, the four IU-ECOAQUA research groups internalize the initiative on Blue Growth and the recommendations of the FAO.


The members of ECOAQUA are organized by the research groups that constitute it: