The Active Women's Association for the Society discusses the rental of holiday homes

  • by admin - Mon, 11/27/2017 - 00:04

28/7/2017.- The Literary Cabinet hosted last Tuesday the debate `Reflections on holiday rentals', organized by the Association of Active Women for Society (MAS). The event was attended by the Deputy Minister of Tourism of the Canary Islands Government, Cristobal de la Rosa Croissier, the author of the book Collaborative Economy, Jacques Bulchand, the Urbanism Professor Eduardo Cáceres, the tourism law researcher Inmaculada González, the President of the FEHT Las Palmas, José Mª Mañaricua and Javier Valentín (ASCAV).

The experts debated aspects such as who are the users of holiday rental, the collaborative economy, the regulation of holiday rental homes and the regulation of online tourist rental platforms. During the round table participants also reflected on the pros and cons that this type of activity would have to regulate, if it would generate jobs and if the rental of holiday homes could damage the image of the Canary Islands as a tourist destination.

Most of the debaters agreed on the need to more efficiently regulate holiday homes in the Autonomous Community. The future is not in going against this type of offer, but in establishing some kind of control. The objective is that these holiday homes comply with the regulations while offering a minimum of quality.

"Most of these holiday homes are located and offered today in tourist areas, generating a security problem in relation to the protection of the legitimate economic interests of consumers, for the mere fact that at this time, those who rent these homes outside the norm, do not have the consideration of consumer, but of particular ", explains Inmaculada González.

According to the researcher, the solution could be a regulation of holiday homes that is in line with reality, but also allows the development of these and other regulated housing activities. That is, no more demand is given to the operators of holiday homes than to operators of non-hotel establishments, but not less.