Development Cooperation

The IU-ECOAQUA contributes to the Development Cooperation through the work done by the Aquaculture Development Cooperation Group (CDA) of the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria . Thus, the concert of projects with public and private entities from many countries has facilitated the establishment of a platform for transfering of technology and knowledge in aquaculture to non-industrialized countries, being able to carry out scientific-technical support plans for universities and research centers from third countries, as well as the set-up of technical aquaculture facilities in highly-needy areas.

Within this team, aquaculture viability analysis projects have been developed in Yemen, or in Africa at the Pilot Center for Aquaculture and Training in Bou Ismail. In addition, the IU-ECOAQUA has participated in the creation of a laboratory for research, technological development and training in aquaculture in Agadir, and provided training for postgraduates from Morocco, Senegal, Mauritania and Cape Verde. The information of the cooperation projects executed can be consulted aquí.

In addition, the infrastructure of the IU-ECOAQUA hosts the headquarters of the Organization "Aquaculture without borders" (, which arises as a result of the 2005 World Aquaculture Congress in Bali, Indonesia, with the main objective of using responsible aquaculture to alleviate poverty.

Relations with external institutions

The UI has closed research contracts with companies, both public and private, in different areas such as fish nutrition and feeding, development of crustacean culture, pharmaceutical industry, fish health, development of the cultivation of new species, farming and production systems, production of fish feed, immunology, environmental sustainability or conservation.

The IU-ECOAQUA collaborates with different public research organizations and universities through the different projects of the research programs of the European Union and bilateral cooperation programs and international networks. Thus, it forms networks in research and development worldwide.

In addition, the IU-ECOAQUA works in close collaboration with the business sector, essential to maintain a good knowledge of the needs of the industry. Thus, several collaboration agreements have been concluded with companies in the sector, both fry production companies, as well as fattening, aquarium and feed production companies.