Under the focus of the sustainable development of aquaculture to meet the growing demand for high quality fresh fish products highly beneficial to the health of consumers, the GIA research team has developed since 1990 more of a hundred research projects. In recent years, many of them are integrated into prestigious networks such as the AQUAELCELL2020 or the PERFORMFISH. More information on the projects of the Aquaculture Research Group here.

  • See GIA research projects here or here.

The extensive experience of the Biodiversity and Conservation Research Group (BIOCON) in the study of the origin, functioning and structure of marine biodiversity is reflected in more than 60 research projects carried out since 1985, where they combine knowledge about biology in the conservation of marine biodiversity and sustainable use in aquaculture.

  • See BIOCON research projects here.

The research group EOMAR has worked in the last 10 years on numerous projects related to the ecophysiology of marine organisms and enzymatic biochemistry. These include projects such as the biological impacts of ocean acidification, marine microplastics and their incorporation into trophic networks in the Canary Islands, the response to changes in temperature and acidity in the physiology and enzymology of marine macroalgae, etc.

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The TOTMA research group provides knowledge and new regulatory tools that increase the effectiveness of the management of economic sectors that generate impacts on the coastal and marine environment such as tourism, port services or aquaculture. Thus, the results generated in them contribute to the sustainable development of these sectors and the marine environment, and optimize the positive and negative externalities that are generated between them.

  • See TOTMA research projects here.
EcoAqua Project

The EcoAqua Project received funds within the ERA Chair program with the main objective of integrating outstanding researchers at the University of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (ULPGC) to promote the excellence of research in Sustainable Aquaculture under an Ecosystem Approach. In this sense, this integrating process crystallized giving rise to the Universitary Institute of Aquaculture and Sustainable Marine Ecosystems (ECOAQUA). More info here.