Services and technological offer

The IU-ECOAQUA has always had a relevant role in promoting knowledge to society under the multiple agreements and contracts concluded since 1989. Now, in the new knowledge society and within the framework of the European Research Area (EII), the IU-ECOAQUA is a fundamental pillar within the Office of Transfer of Research Results (OTRI) of the University of Las Palmas of Gran Canaria since it faces new challenges, brings all the technical experience and professional skills of the four research groups and it transfers to the productive environment patents and High Specialization Aquaculture and Biotechnology Service (SABE).


Feeding and feeding procedure for reddish-pink fish from aquaculture to obtain in them a coloration and external appearance similar to these organisms when they are obtained by extractive fishing. More information here.

Procedure based on the use of a pH control system of the culture medium for the production of biomass rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids from the culture of a Thraustochytrid under sufficient nitrogen conditions. More information here.


The availability of avant-garde physical capital such as the High Specialization Aquaculture and Biotechnology Service (SABE) allows the IU-ECOAQUA to improve industrial processes and develop new ones based on knowledge and the improvement of the transformations of living beings. The impacts and possibilities of marine biotechnology on the identification of species, the development of new products and processes, cost improvement in aquaculture, etc., are quantifiable in society and the SABE is a transfer channel between experimental research and applied research in aquaculture. Specifically, the SABE physical equipment includes the Biochemistry laboratory, the Chromatography laboratory, the Molecular Biology laboratory, the Histology laboratory, the Quality Control laboratory, the Robots room, the Freezing room, the Centrifugal room, the Cell culture room, Fluorescence room, Stoves rooms, Spectrometry room and Tasting room.

Contracts and agreements

At the IU-ECOAQUA we work in close collaboration with the business sector, which is essential to maintain a good knowledge of the needs of the aquaculture industry. Thus, important collaboration agreements have been concluded with companies in the sector, both fry production companies, as well as fattening, aquarium and feed production companies.

See contracts and agreements of the GIA here.